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Welcome to BPM CORE’s KICKSTART, CORE ASSESS Behavioural Profiling event. Stage one of two of your on-demand Digital Profile, BPM’s unique candidate positioning software.

The event lasts under 15 minutes and generates your own personality “Job Fit” profile based on analysis of your behavioural traits.

Click below to view a quick video of what to expect:

Your responses will be processed and matched against the relevant benchmark to create your job fit profile.

The results of the event drive other powerful reports including:

·         “ Job Fit” profile

·         Job and Employer Engagement

·         Leadership style and potential

·         Remote working pack

·         Self-development analysis

·         Question bank of over 20 questions clients could ask at interview CV and interview hints and tips included throughout the reports

Please remember:

1) There are no right or wrong answers – it is the combination of answers that you give that matter

2) Answer all questions as if you are in a workplace setting

3) Answer each question completely honestly - do not try and impress with ‘good’ answers

4) The system will detect if you are not being honest and consistent with your answers

5) Please allow about 15 minutes to complete the session and avoid being disturbed or interrupted.


Stage two involves your on-demand video profile, CORE RECORD. Further information will be provided at the end of the behavioural event